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The Best Beds for your Dog

The Best Beds for your Dog

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Does a dog puppy or dog really need a bed? After all, a Dog puppy is going to grow to be about as big as a human. They can fit up on the sofa or even in your own bed. And, many dogs seem perfectly happy to stretch out on the floor or curl up in your favorite chair.

So, should you bother getting a bed for your Dog? Let’s take a look.

Why a Bed is Beneficial for Dog Puppies Proper support for growing pups. When you’re housebreaking your puppy and have him in his own designated area so that he doesn’t pee all over the house, when you’re out and your Boxer pup is home alone and in his area, or anytime that he is sleeping (not in your bed), he should have a quality canine bed to rest and nap on.

It offers a feeling of security, keeps a young pup warm and most importantly, if you get the right one, a bed will provide optimal support for a rapidly growing body.

There’s a lot going on during the first two years and particularly year one. Breeds of this size have rapid growth phases.

What happens is this: Cartilage growth happens first, ahead of the bone growth. The cartilage forms and becomes calcified. Then, bone marrow vessels work their way in. Some of the cartilage that has been calcified is reabsobred and some becomes the framework for the bone itself.

During this time, a puppy can experience discomfort (referred to a ‘growing pains’ and is very real). A growing pup can experience a throbbing discomfort in his limbs. While it comes and wanes, it tends to generally appear in the late afternoon into the evening. And cramping pain at night can wake up a puppy.

Lying on the floor can be just brutal on a pup, exasperating issues, whether or not he looks comfortable. However, an orthopedic bed or mattress can ease his sore body.

So, to recap: A bed for your dog puppy will help him feel comfortable when he’s home alone and will offer an appropriate sleeping surface to support his growing body. He can still snuggle up with you on the couch when you’re watching TV and can take over your recliner (whether you want him to or not), but giving him his own bed to retreat to when he wishes and for being able to lie down on the right surface is recommended.

What to look for in a bed for a dog puppy: Look for quality materials that are washable and offer thick, firm support. Most pups like to have a bolstered bed, as it offers the feeling of a ‘den’. And of course, you want it to be appropriately sized, keeping in mind that your pup’s size will always be increasing.

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Why a Bed is Beneficial for Adult Dogs

As a method to help avoid senior issues. A Dog transitions into a senior around the 8 to 9 year mark. While life span is 9-12 years, quite a few dogs do live longer into their teens. One of the biggest mistakes owners can make is not planning for their senior years. Everything you do in regard to his care now culminates to his quality of life when he’s older.

One major issue that this breed has as they mature and grow older is hip and back issues. By the mid adult stage (6 to 8), 20% of dogs have osteoarthritis. The Boxer that used to be able to dash up a hill now can only handle a slower walk though the neighborhood. The dog that used to jump up with lightening speed, now shows signs of discomfort when rising.

Resting and/or sleeping on the floor puts so much stress on joints and bones. It’s very wearing to the body. And while an adult dog may seem perfectly comfortable, his older senior self will be faring much better with proper bed support during the adult years.

Even if your dog sleeps in your bed at night, for all other times, do not allow him to lie on the floor; instead give him a large, super supportive mattress.

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