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 SkyWestOnline – Your Employee Portal to SkyWest Airlines

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 SkyWestOnline – Your Employee Portal to SkyWest Airlines

SkyWestOnline is the employee portal gateway providing SkyWest workers access to essential tools, resources, and information. Read on for an overview of using SkyWestOnline for managing your SkyWest employee profile.

 Key Features of SkyWestOnline

As a SkyWest employee, SkyWestOnline is your go-to hub for:

– Pay and finances – Access pay statements, tax documents, benefit deductions, 401k info, and more.

– Schedule and availability- Bid for flights, trade with coworkers, manage your schedule.

– Training and policies*- View required training, complete courses, access employee handbooks.

– Notifications and messaging – Receive official SkyWest notifications and communicate with your team.

– Employee perks- Learn about employee discount programs, deals, and partner offers.

Having all these employee resources consolidated into SkyWestOnline makes managing your work life efficient.

Accessing SkyWestOnline

To start using SkyWestOnline, follow these steps:

1. Go to and click “Sign In”

2. Enter your SkyWest employee username and password

3. Review and accept SkyWest’s online policies

4. Once logged in, you will see the homepage with app options for schedules, pay info, training, and more.

As a new hire, you should receive your SkyWestOnline credentials during onboarding. Reach out to your supervisor if you have any trouble accessing the portal.

Key Sections and Tools

Here are some of the most important sections employees will want to get familiar with:

**My Information** – Review and update your employee profile details like home address, contacts, tax forms.

**My Schedule** – Bid on new trips, trade with coworkers, manage your availability calendar, request time off.

**My Pay** – Get pay statements, W2s, review deductions, enroll in direct deposit.

**My Training** – Complete mandatory courses, find training resources, access your training transcript.

**My Documents** – Access employee handbooks, company notices, forms and documentation.

**My Discounts** – Browse discounts and partner perks available through your SkyWest employment.

Learning to navigate SkyWestOnline efficiently makes managing your job smooth and organized.

 Accessing from Mobile Devices

In addition to using SkyWestOnline on a desktop, you can also access it on the go:

– Use the **SkyWest Airlines App** – The crew app has a SkyWestOnline section for mobile access.

– **Mobile browser** – You can access SkyWestOnline from any mobile browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.

– **Save a shortcut icon** – On iOS or Android devices, save a shortcut icon to your home screen for fast one-tap access.

While full functionality works best on desktop, mobile access enables checking your schedule, pay stubs, notifications and more while on the move.

 Getting SkyWestOnline Support

If you have any issues accessing or using SkyWestOnline, support options include:

– **Help page** – The SkyWestOnline help site covers FAQs, walkthroughs, and user guides.

– **Supervisor assistance** – Ask your direct leadership for help getting oriented and navigating the portal.

– **IT support** – Open a support ticket with SkyWest’s IT team for technical assistance.

– **New hire training** – Information sessions and guides provided during onboarding.

With some practice, SkyWestOnline will become an indispensable tool. Be proactive in getting familiar with all it offers for simplifying life as a SkyWest employee.


SkyWestOnline provides SkyWest employees one central platform to manage everything work-related easily. Whether you want to pick up new shifts, complete required training, access pay history, or leverage employee perks, SkyWestOnline makes it fast and convenient. By learning to effectively use your employee portal, you can maximize your experience working at SkyWest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about maximizing use of the SkyWestOnline employee portal:

What should I do if I forgot my SkyWestOnline password?

Use the self-service password reset tool or contact your supervisor or IT.

Can I access SkyWestOnline from personal devices?

Yes, you can log in from any desktop or mobile device with internet access.

Is the employee portal available in other languages?

Currently SkyWestOnline is only offered in English. You can try browser translation tools.

What internet browsers work best?

For full functionality, use the latest version of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Issues may occur on Internet Explorer.

How can I update my personal details?

Use the My Information section to modify details like your legal name, address, contacts, tax info and more.

Take your time getting familiar with all the tools available through your SkyWestOnline employee portal. It provides invaluable resources for excelling at your SkyWest job!

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