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MyStalk – A Comprehensive Social Media Tracking Tool

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MyStalk – A Comprehensive Social Media Tracking Tool

Staying on top of all your social media profiles can be challenging. MyStalk provides a solution by allowing you to monitor multiple social platforms in one convenient dashboard. Read on to learn about MyStalk’s features for tracking social profiles, competitors, hashtags, keywords and more.

## Monitor Your Own Social Profiles

The core benefit of MyStalk is centrally tracking updates and mentions across your own social media profiles. Just connect your accounts from platforms like:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Instagram
– YouTube
– Reddit
– Pinterest

MyStalk will pull your posts, comments, likes, mentions, shares and analytics into a unified feed. This gives you an at-a-glance overview of your social activity rather than checking each network individually.

From the dashboard, you can also schedule and publish posts to multiple profiles at once. This saves time and makes cross-posting content to all your accounts simple. MyStalk enhances your own social media productivity and visibility.

 Keep Tabs on Your Competitors

In addition to tracking your owned accounts, MyStalk allows monitoring branded profiles, competitors, influencers, and industry hashtags.

Connect any public social media accounts you want to benchmark against. MyStalk will display their recent updates, engagement levels, fastest growing content, and brand mentions.

This social listening gives invaluable insight for researching competitors. You can see what kind of content resonates most with their audiences and which platforms they are most active on.

 Monitor Hashtags, Keywords and Trends

MyStalk has robust tools for following important hashtags, keywords, viral posts, and trends across networks.

Input any hashtags, keywords, or pages related to your brand. MyStalk will track all public mentions, engagement levels, influencer usage, and related trends over time.

This allows responding to conversations, analyzing performance of campaigns, and capitalizing on real-time trends. You can even export data into reports for sharing.

 Why Use MyStalk as Your Social Media Tracker

Here are key advantages that make MyStalk a top-choice social media tracking tool:

– **Consolidated view** – See all social activity in one dashboard rather than checking each network.

– **Time savings** – Cross-post and schedule to multiple accounts in one step.

– **Competitor research** – Track and analyze competitor’s social profiles for benchmarking.

– **Hashtag monitoring** – Get real-time alerts on hashtag and keyword usage.

– **Analytics integration** – Connect Instagram Business, Facebook Pages, YouTube to access follower analytics.

– **Customer support** – MyStalk has reliable support channels to assist with setup.

For individual users, businesses, agencies, and anyone serious about social media, MyStalk provides essential tracking and productivity features.

 Getting Started With MyStalk

MyStalk offers a free trial along with paid packages for Individuals, Professional, and Enterprise use.

To start monitoring your social media landscape, follow these steps:

1. Sign up at by creating your account.

2. Connect the social profiles, pages, hashtags, and keywords you want to track.

3. Customize your dashboard by saving column layouts, notifications, and more.

4. Review your consolidated feed and leverage MyStalk’s tools to respond, analyze, and schedule posts.

5. Consider upgrading to a paid plan to remove limits on connected accounts and unlock more features.

Within minutes, you can start managing your brand’s far-reaching social presence from one powerful platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about maximizing MyStalk for your social media tracking and management:

**What social platforms does it support?** Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and more. New networks get added regularly.

**Is there a mobile app?** Yes, iOS and Android mobile apps are available to access your dashboard on the go.

**How much does MyStalk cost?** Plans start at free and range up to $99/month for Enterprise support.

**Can I integrate advertising accounts?** Yes, connect your Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and additional analytics accounts for unified reporting.

**Does it publish content automatically?** No, all posting of content requires manual approval for compliance and accuracy.

Don’t let your social media efforts exist in silos. MyStalk delivers the bird’s eye view needed to maximize your impact, track competitors, and capitalize on trends.


With increasing social media fragmentation, MyStalk solves the challenge of monitoring your brand’s presence across multiple networks from one intuitive platform. Gain actionable insights into your own social analytics, competitors’ strategies, influencer conversations, trending hashtags, and more. Then use robust posting and analytics tools to grow your community. For any marketer, agency, or public profile, MyStalk is an essential way to expand your social media visibility.

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