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How to know if Someone Blocked you on Whatsapp

How to know if Someone Blocked you on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a messaging application used by millions of people worldwide and allows them to exchange text, phone calls, and photographs – it even offers voice calls! Therefore it should come as no surprise that its feature of blocking users who no longer wish to communicate allows you to remove unwanted individuals from its services. One such messaging application is WhatsApp which is widely utilized.

Wi-Fi connections allow you to send messages or chat with contacts and friends worldwide. WhatsApp leverages your wireless Internet connection rather than mobile data to send and receive messages, so a block on your account could have occurred by someone, but how will you know? Instead of alerting users when they have been blocked from social media websites such as Twitter, WhatsApp needs to inform its users when they have been barred; thus leaving users confused as to if or when they have been shut out of WhatsApp.

As it is difficult to determine how to know if Someone Blocked you on Whatsapp, there are various methods available to you that allow you to determine whether someone has indeed blocked you. If you suspect someone of doing this, follow this checklist to ascertain your suspicions and confirm or disprove them.

You are currently unable to view a contact’s last seen status.

You are currently unable to view a contact's last seen status.

The first step to taking action should be checking whether an account’s “last visited” status has changed since your last use of WhatsApp; this information is updated each time someone opens WhatsApp and provides details of when they were active within it. If no message was found, there could indicate you have been banned, while it could also indicate they have disabled this feature on their account.

No way is available to view the latest profile photo for a contact.

If someone blocks you and then updates their profile image, you won’t see their new picture – only what was there before you were blocked will remain visible to you. Therefore there needs to be an accurate way of telling whether or not they’re updating their photo; however, if they seem to update frequently and then suddenly stop doing so, that may indicate that they have blocked you.

No Profile Updates How to know if Someone Blocked you on Whatsapp

One telltale sign that WhatsApp contacts have stopped messaging you is when their profile picture and contact information become inaccessible. These signs indicate that you’ve either been blocked from communicating with them on WhatsApp or that they have deleted their account entirely. If you suspect it could be the former, another option could be having your friend look up their account on WhatsApp. When browsing profiles that appear to be blocked, it’s also important to be mindful that some users do not make an effort to update their photos and information, meaning if their profile appears, sending an email might be your only means of reaching them – the checkmark on its delivery indicates whether you can reach them or not.

Checkmarks and their Significance

Have you sent several individual messages yet only seen one checkmark for each? This indicates that your message was delivered but has yet to be read. Checkmark icons provide this information; one grayed checkmark means your message has gone through the process of being sent but has yet to be delivered.

Two gray checkmarks indicate your message was successfully delivered to its target recipient.

Two blue checkmarks indicate that your message was successfully delivered, received, and read.

Seeing just one gray checkmark indicates that your emails may have been placed in their block list, which means the message you sent may have reached its recipient but, for some unknown reason, hasn’t made its way onto their phone – this could be due to either poor Wi-Fi or cell connection, so it is recommended to wait and see whether its checkmark has changed before proceeding further.

Messages don’t reach their destination, and calls don’t connect successfully.

Blocking is obvious: when someone blocks you, no messages or calls can reach that individual; but what may not be so obvious is when every time you contact or email someone through WhatsApp, there’s a sequence of ticks used to indicate its delivery status. One tick indicates a message was sent but has yet to be read; two indicate it was read but misunderstood; two blue ticks indicate you have read acknowledgments.

Blocking will prevent messages from reaching beyond the initial stage, and calls will be rejected upon attempt, though it should be seen as something other than definitive evidence. Calls may become unsuccessful, and messages will fail to deliver even when targeting devices without internet connectivity or disabled; this does not constitute proof that messages have been blocked; rather, it indicates potential trouble ahead.

Unfortunately, they can not be added to chat groups.

No one who’s been blocked can join an existing group chat. Current chats in the group should continue as usual. Still, any attempt at adding someone who has been banned will result in a message informing you that this action is not allowed – likely an indicator that someone has blocked this action from happening. Although you can limit who can add you to groups you belong to, once listed as one of their contacts lists, they may add you without your knowledge unless specifically targeted as ineligible for joining chat groups.

Respect the decision of others when they inform you to stop.

Though these tips are helpful, one other thing should be considered before diving in to become a WhatsApp detective. If someone blocked you, respect their decision and do not try to bypass their block unless extraordinary circumstances exist. There may be different reasons behind blocking someone, and in general, there should be no reason for their banishment – use these methods as accurately as possible but then move forward with life!


How can I unsubscribe from WhatsApp contacts?

To restrict someone from accessing WhatsApp on Android, navigate to Additional Options within Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts and add them; on iOS, go into Account Settings > Privacy > Blocked Add New.

How can I adjust the security settings on WhatsApp?

To modify WhatsApp privacy options, navigate to Settings, Account, and Privacy. Choose Last Seen Profile Photo, Profile Photo, About, or Groups as necessary and limit their accessibility. Likewise, deactivate reading receipts, location tracking, or anything else available here.

How can you block a user on WhatsApp?

Blocking someone on WhatsApp won’t remove them from your contact list. Still, they won’t receive calls or messages from you anymore – as well as status updates or profile picture changes happening between yourself and them, and they won’t be visible to others.

Does a grey tick in WhatsApp signify I have been blocked?

Not necessarily. A single gray tick indicates that a message was received but has yet to reach the intended recipient, perhaps for reasons such as low connectivity with their network or device issues with them. If this single gray tick continues for an extended period, you should compare its appearance against other indicators listed in this article to ascertain whether you’ve been blocked from sending.

What happens if WhatsApp blocks me?

But, if an individual blocks your account on WhatsApp, and you block them back, they won’t be able to contact you through this messaging application anymore.

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