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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Hidden Bar

Exploring the Allure of Hidden Bars

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Exploring the Allure of Hidden Bars

Hidden bars, also known as speakeasies, have seen a major resurgence in recent years. These intimate, secretive establishments promise an exclusive experience for those “in the know.” Read on to learn about the origins of hidden bars, what makes them special, where to find them, and tips for enjoying the unique speakeasy atmosphere.

 The History Behind Hidden Bars

Hidden bars have their roots in American speakeasies that arose during Prohibition in the 1920s and early 1930s. With alcohol banned, underground establishments serving liquor discretely thrived in cities like New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. They were hidden in basements, tucked behind innocuous storefronts, or operated out of backrooms and apartments.

To enter a speakeasy, you needed a secret password, handshake, or to be recognized by the doorman. Inside, iconic elements like low lighting, live jazz, risqué entertainment, and loose morals flourished. While Prohibition ended in 1933, the allure of accessing a secretive subculture continues to draw people to today’s incarnations of hidden bars.

The Modern Speakeasy Experience

What began as necessity now thrives as novelty. Hidden bar today aim to capture the vibe of roaring twenties speakeasies with these key attributes:

– **Exclusivity** – Getting in requires calling ahead, booking reservations, or being on a list. Some have no external signs or just a mysterious unmarked door.

– **Secrecy** – Inside, the decor reflects old-world luxury. Heavy curtains, intimate seating, and low lighting shroud the interiors. Many ban photography to protect the privacy of VIP clientele.

– **Theatrics** – Password phrases, bookcases opening into hidden rooms, or ringing a specific apartment number to get in enhance the sense you’re accessing something elusive.

– **Craft cocktails** – Bar menus feature exhaustive lists of unique craft cocktails often with bespoke garnishes and glassware. Signature drinks enhance the sophisticated vibe.

– **Entertainment** – Jazz bands, burlesque dancers, magicians, and other live specialty acts get incorporated into the swanky atmospheres.

While often inaccessible to average Joe’s, those who gain entry are rewarded with a night of cinematic intrigue and indulgence.

Where to Experience Hidden Bars

Hidden bars exist in just about every major city now:

**New York City** – Please Don’t Tell, The Back Room, Angel’s Share

**Los Angeles** – No Vacancy, The Wolves, The Walker Inn

**Chicago** – The Drifter, The Family Room @ The Radisson Blu

**New Orleans** – Bar Tonique, Twelve Mile Limit, Twist

**Austin** – Firehouse Lounge, Nickel City, Midnight Cowboy

**Las Vegas** – The Laundry Room, Sand Dollar, Commonwealth

Finding one close to you may require research online and asking savvy local friends. But looking up “hidden bars” or “speakeasies” for your city should reveal options to explore.

 Enjoying the Hidden Bar Experience

Here are some tips to make the most of your secret bar excursion:

– **Dress the part** – Take cues from the Gatsby era with slinky dresses, suits, heels and fedoras to match the stylish mood.

– **Bring cash** – With an emphasis on discretion, most don’t accept cards and have ATMs tucked away.

– **Check the hours** – Many open later and close late. Adjust dinner plans accordingly.

– **Group size matters** – They cater to smaller groups, so limit your party to 4-6 people max.

– **Linger and lounge** – Speakeasies encourage you to settle in and savor the entire experience.

Finding your new favorite intimate lounge pays off for classic cocktail aficionados and anyone craving VIP treatment. Just be prepared to splurge on the exclusive experience.

Speakeasy Bars FAQs

**Do you need a password or “secret” handshake?** While some play this up, usually just calling for availability and reservations is enough to get access.

**Are hidden bars expensive?** Yes, expect elevated prices for both cocktails and admission fees, with most cocktails ranging $15-$20.

**Can you just walk in off the street?** Rarely. Most require researching and booking ahead due to their intimate size.

**Do they serve food?** Usually small plates or snacks to accompany cocktails, but many allow bringing in outside food.

**Do you have to dress formally?** Cocktail attire is recommended, but dark jeans paired with button-downs, blouses and dress shoes can work.

Exploring your city’s roster of hidden bars offers an adventurous night out. Follow the clues to access these portals into exclusive cocktail dens filled with mystery. Just be ready to pay the price and abide by the house rules to gain VIP access.


With their sense of secrecy, history, and luxury, today’s speakeasy-style hidden bars offer an alluring nightlife experience you have to seek out. While gaining access requires effort and expense, once inside their sophisticated confines you’re rewarded with craft cocktails, live entertainment, and the thrill of feeling like you’re part of an elusive subculture. For adventurous imbibers and roaring twenties aficionados, hidden bars satisfy a craving for exclusivity.

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