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A Complete Guide to 4x6 Shipping Label Materials

A Complete Guide to 4×6 Shipping Label Materials

Everyone knows that the 4×6 shipping label is the standard label size. But when it comes to the label material, making the right choice can be a little daunting.

Whether you are an established business or just starting now, knowing about the right shipping label material can save you from several problems.

In this guide, we will explain the different types of shipping label materials and also share their features so you can make an informed purchase decision. So read on.

4×6 Shipping Label Materials: Everything You Need to Know

4×6 Direct Thermal Labels

For on-demand deliveries, direct thermal labels are the ideal choice. In addition to being cost-effective, they are highly durable and don’t require ink or toner. So you won’t need to get any additional supplies.

Direct thermal labels are specially designed for thermal printing. They come with a chemical layer that gets active upon contact with heat.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Just like direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels are also specifically designed for thermal printing. This label material is ideal for extreme conditions as it comes with design flexibility.

However, you will need a ribbon in order to print on this label material. It uses the ribbon to print the ink on the surface of the label, using a thermal transfer printer.

Inkjet Labels

Inkjet labels are quite different from thermal labels. These labels transfer the ink directly onto a surface without using a toner or heat. In addition to being incredibly durable, these labels also offer a great surface for scanning. Therefore, they are ideal for barcodes.

Inkjet labels can easily withstand extreme weather conditions and remain undamaged for a long period of time. What’s more, they are easily readable, so you can rely on them for tracking during transit.

How to Choose the Right 4×6 Shipping Label Material?

When choosing the right shipping label material, there are a number of factors to consider. In addition to having the right label texture, it is important for it to stick to your product or packaging for a long time.

Below are some of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the right shipping label material:

1. Product Shape

It is important to consider the product’s shape on which the label is supposed to go. Make sure that the shape of your product allows the label to conform to its contours. It shouldn’t cause the label to stretch as it will eventually cause it to tear.

2. Weather and Environmental Conditions

Another important factor to consider when choosing the label material is the weather and environmental conditions it will be exposed to. You need to make sure that your label lasts long and is able to withstand the weather conditions.

For instance, inkjet labels are ideal for extreme weather conditions. Whereas direct thermal labels do not last long in the sun.

3. Product Surface

Lastly, you should also consider the product surface on which the label is going to be applied. Since different label materials react differently with various surfaces, you should decide on the type of adhesive you will be using.

For instance, for cardboard containers, direct thermal labels are ideal. For plastic or paper surfaces, thermal transfer labels are the best.

Wrapping Up

So that’s all, folks! We hope this guide helps you choose the best shipping label material for your 4×6 labels.

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